3 Art Walks, 5 garden areas

Entrance. Striking giant eucalyptus trees frame the bush drive into LandArtFarm.

Giant eucalyptus trees frame the bush drive into LandArtFarm

Land Art Farm is a unique mix of artistic works and wandering, walking experiences all evolving under the effects of climate and nature.

Some of the land art works developed by Sandra Welsman are large and earthy, tied tightly to the land, visible from distance, and with unique aspects when viewed up close. Two large-scale works – Fence Tracker, and Way Off Tangerine – spread across the Land Art Farm property.

Other pieces, less land-art, more Installations, have arisen from artistic whimsy applied to old farm sheds, dams, rocks, paddocks and remnant farm and household materials. These include New Tip Progression, A Numerical Ode to Musty, Dusty Museums Everywhere, and Dunne Dell in Triangle on the Middle Walk.

Brick the Bucket crop sm

Brick the Bucket

Smaller by-the-way works, such as Waiting, or the comedy piece, Brick the Bucket, are scattered around and about the farm acres for wandering and quiet viewing.  These can be glimpsed on the pages describing major works along each of the three Land Art Farm walking trails.


Unchain full - web size

Unchain my Tree

This gentle walk wanders around the home area and the five garden spaces.  Begin, say, with the sweeping view lookout, and the first pieces of the Middle Walk, including the Art Rocks Blue Lines Zen minimalist garden space.

Return to weave around pieces of home garden art including Marion’s Wave, Between (a Rock and a Hard Place), Windswept, leading into Fruit Trees Wild Garden, with small land art pieces in native plant micro-environments. Then round to the major installation, A Numerical Ode to Musty, Dusty Museums Everywhere, out to Woodhenge, through Pine Walk Sparkle and Barbs into Twee Rock Garden, and past Tree Turns and Returns ranging into the The Eastern Stroll with new works underway.




We start the Middle Walk in the paddock named Lookout. Our wonderful view sweeps south to the regional city of Armidale, expansive by day, sparkling cityscape by night.


Land Art Made by Driving. Refer Richard Long’s totemic land art ‘A Line made by Walking’ 1967.

We meander west, then north – walking part way along ‘Art Made by Driving Around‘ – then east and south, following the red rocks on our left. The Middle Walk is 2.1km and meanders across half the LandArtFarm area, through many and varied bushscapes and environmental niches, the majority of land art works and installations.


waiting 1

WAITING on the Road to Nimbin

This longer walk winds north and uphill towards the LandArtFarm depiction of Nimbin passing Glorious Pool and ponds with a string of land art pieces along the way.

The path leads back to the Middle Walk at Yellow Stick Art and continues south and back to the Around the Block artworks, over 50 pieces in all on the full 3.6 km LandArtFarm experience.