AROUND the BLOCK is a gentle wander about the home area and five garden spaces. 

Art Rocks – Blue Lines – Zen

Begin with Big Things Allsorts in the distance, then the sweeping view in Lookout, and the first art pieces of the Middle Walk, including the Art Rocks – Blue Lines – Zen minimalist garden space.

Return to weave around home garden art works – smaller pieces designed to beautify angles and areas in rather different ways … including Marion’s Wave,Windswept, and Between (a Rock and a Hard Place), all leading into Fruit Trees Wild Garden, with its lesser land art pieces in native plant micro-environments.

Then we explore the major installation, A Numerical Ode to Musty, Dusty Museums Everywhere, head via Tangles Past out to Woodhenge, looping back through Pine Walk Sparkle and Barbs, and then into Twee Rock Garden.

Onward, viewing Tree Turns and Returns ranging into the The Eastern Stroll with its new works underway then along past Kangaroos Stop and Grand Designs.

marion's wave sm

Marion’s Wave

20150901_154753 web


Between ...

Between (a Rock and a Hard Place)


Stick and Wall Art


Ms Piggie and the Rhubarb