Art Rocks - Blue Lines


Art Rocks – Blue Lines I. 8.2014

The Art Rocks series. The land under LandArtFarm tops a sizeable hill in the New England ranges of northern NSW Australia – here over 1,100 metres above sea level.

There are countless rocks, large and small, fixed and scattered, mainly hard basalt (there are also countless stars with the Milky Way streaming overhead on clear nights).

Collections of rocks invite Land Art and three sets so far have been highlighted using Blue Lines, a with some reference to Jackson Pollock and the fantastic Blue Poles well at home in the National Gallery of Australia.

The first series unfolded as part of Ditch and Sticks, the feature rocks running 100 metres north-east downhill.


Art Rocks – Blue Lines II. 9.2014

In Art Rocks II, blue lines are used to accentuate the inherent shapes and sharp edges in this set of large and unusually white rocks brought to the surface by roadworks over ten years ago.

Art Rocks III – rocks accentuated by blue and silver lines fall away from the informal cut-log seating to look over the valley view.

The rock markings in blue and silver scatter and flow over 30 metres, too dispersed and subtle to photograph well. We will try again to capture the tumble image when the seasons change. Kangaroos often graze among these rocks and we might see a red-bellied black snake as the days warm.



Art Rocks – Blue Lines III. 9.2014

Art and Time the rocks are ageless, it is the ground that erodes around them bringing more to the surface each major weather turn.

While the paint markings will fade over years these are the more robust of LandArtFarm works.

Influences and Variations.

These Blue Line Land Art forms are quite unique. Links to different approaches to colour and rocks follow:

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