Big Things Allsorts

20161022_170417 web

Big Thing Allsorts – the intended long view, tree framed

The artistic aim here was to create a land art work from ‘big things’ to show Scale, Contrast and Repetition, and be visible from afar.

In particular, to mark first steps of the Around the Block walk, an art work framed through close-up gum and pine tree trunks, to be seen across fences, the rolling slope and a dam, bringing the upper Lookout paddock space into line of gaze.

With assistance, seven aged tree stumps were trundled to the spot and settled in the long grass in the shape of a Nike tick … Just Do It.

In place and nicely framed by a magnificent three-trunk eucalyptus, yes, Just Done!

20160328_170824 web

Seven stumps in place, tick shape,

Only two days later, a sharp wind felled the uphill trunk,a  big mess of a thing spreading behind the Big Tick with branches and browning leaves taking all the eye’s attention.

Ah, the drama of outside art. Took weeks to cut and tidy, and then in a mid-winter storm, the other two limbs came crashing down.

And after more weeks of cutting, collecting, ordering and burning, the Big Tick was almost trumped by the parts of the huge fallen tree, and by piles of wood collected around.

20160620_135859 web

Enormous tree sadly fallen 6.2016.

Versions of big things, all in their own way. So, Big Things Allsorts this now is.

20161022_170545 web

The many big parts of Big Things Allsorts.