Black & White Boutique


Black and White Boutique 1.2015

We opened the 2015 year at LandArtFarm with a new work, Black and White Boutique, to be found in upper Long Run nestled in a cache of ancient rocks, sunning in the silky high-country summer air.

A serendipitous piece, I was driving outer reaches of paddocks one day looking for gnarled old tree wood gnarled in unusual shapes for Twee Rock Garden.

Starting to pick up from this rocky knoll, after a few minutes in the bush silence I stood back realising the mix looked like a shop front in an old Main Street, with hints of a clever display, of fashion and elegance — a boutique featuring black from a bushfire burning decades ago.

20141215_121939Items were quickly returned to their exact locations and this is how they stay for Black & White Boutique, just as grouped and scattered over time.

Bright white paint used judiciously to highlight the shades of gentle grey from weathering over decades. those looking closely will see a sprinkling of shiny costume accessories  – sunglasses, bracelets, earrings spiked to the blackened wood. Contrast, Repetition, elements of Scale.

Plus a little family history, revived and reflective memories of a fashion venture an actual Black & White Boutique, a ‘career gap year’ project way back in the 1980s and now long gone.


Art and TimeThe aged tree parts have lain like this for 20 or 30 years already, after collection and the burning that artistically blackened. It is hoped Black & White Boutique will maintain its form and contrast. time will tell.  Sandra Welsman


Walter Mason organic, temporary, striking.

Michael Grab sculpture from stones on display.

AB’s Tree 9.2014

A.B Tree 9.2014




Further along this part of the Middle Walk, we pass a related piece A.B. Tree … A Beautiful Tree.

Majestic in its ageing, a dowager duchess in bling.

Quite ancient and exquisitely weathered with delicate flowing furrows and lines.

Decorated twice so far with bright purple-pink metallic strains fading fast to silver under the sun and rearranged too often by birds and wandering, and curious deer.