Fred was Here

332.20150917_144941Reaching the top of Roadside paddock and turning into Woody, we find a small piece saluting Fred Williams and his transformative, stark, wild and beautiful paintings of stark Australian desert and bush landscapes.

In this simple LandArtFarm piece, the crumpled wire and long dry grass represent the harsh landscape littered with rocks, drying trees, stumps.

The dead white trees and glorious green line-of-sight view add our a level of glorious New England drama.

“Fred Williams revolutionised the way we see and think about the Australian landscape. … . A number of his oils of the late 1970s also reveal that he was continually reinventing his approaches to landscape in this medium. This is apparent in his paintings of dry and the wet landscapes such as Snow storm, Kosciusko 1976–77, with its white and cool hues, and Dry creek bed, Werribee Gorge I 1977, which shimmers with luminous warmth. In the latter, the line of the dry creek appears etched into the landscape while the bright touches of colour convey the vitality of plant life.” Fred Williams INFINITE HORIZONS retrospective, National Gallery of Australia 2011.