FRISSON, 9.2016

FRISSON is a land art installation. Framed by prairie grass fields and sweeping valley view, this piece aims to reflect the expectant thrill (frisson) sparked by a wine glass or two, or ten, readied for a celebration of and in the out-of-doors.

Created from aged seat frames, mesh wire and over 70 bubbly glasses, this unique installation includes the lush landscape as a special element.

The Frisson art piece is also an observation on travel promos and indeed on ourselves and our reaction. Add a few wine glasses – even empty – and a location all of  a sudden looks enticing. “I’ll go there” the mind seems to  say.

20161204_195044 web

Sunset glints on Frisson glassworks.

Designed and constructed by Sandra Welsman in the spring of 2016, the art work has proven surprisingly robust, through storms and under the sun. And it looks mysterious and enticing as the sun sets to the west (click picture to see more clearly).

This is an intriguing, even provocative, delight right at the start of the Middle Walk.20161205_173721web






Next to Frisson we find the portal to the fifth garden area, Art Rocks – Blue Lines – Zen. The countless rocks strewn across this hilltop invite creative, hard-edged Land Art. Three particular and different runs of rocks have been accentuated so far using Blue Lines (as a fleeting reference to Jackson Pollock’s wondrous Blue Poles).

Here, rocks with blue and silver lines flow downhill amid softened grasses. I am hoping to achieve some of the simplicity and peace of an extended Japanese garden space. Walkers agree this is occurring, an art result as much related to the time and effort hand mowing the zen grass to be soft and neat, as to constraint in doing the art

blue lines zen web

Art Rocks – Blue Lines – Zen