Fruit Trees Wild Garden

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From Mostly Round. A halo of barbed wire left decades ago.

Fruit Trees Wild Garden is an untamed garden space aiming to highlight a micro diversity of Australian flora.

Here, we seek to draw the wandering eye from landscape views to local mysteries including through contrast, with smaller pieces of land art and non-local plants.

Plantings include over 30 majestic tall pines framing Fruit Trees Wild Garden through to use of succulents to bring spots to light.

ftwg 2 handout

Crystal fruit on an aged nectarine tree.

And this has been an orchard of sorts. A few old fruit trees remain, worn and lichen garbed. Crystals now hint at the fruit bounty once was.

Smaller land art pieces include Mostly Round, On a Curve, Micro-ways and a tree spiral – see below.

Wandering on, a series of WINDOWS along the stand of tall pine trees on the north side of Fruit Trees Wild Garden give framed views into rolling landscapes north and north east.

20160424_150056 web

WINDOWS … pine tree framed vistas.



In the manner of grand Italian gardens, scenes beyond, green hill slopes, grazing cattle and the glorious sky light and clouds, are drawn into the LandArtFarm experience.

Some larger land art works including Woody White Tumble and Woodhenge Portent can be glimpsed through these Windows before heading onto the walking trails.


SEE YOU LATER is a simple and reflective installation on the lower branches of four pines at the end of the line of natural Windows.

20160404_165631 web

See You Later

Here the seeming windows are small, closed in by edges and bars, a jagged disruptive remark on walls holding in aspirations, adventures, the longer view. Who or what will we see later?

20170408_141045 web LandArtFarm’s spiral of native shrubs and trees. Not Spiral Jetty but in the spirit of Smithson’s land art wonder...
20150721_120743 web On a Curve, a by-the-way piece shaped from cut tree remnants.
20160423_134138 web With a scatter of cactus and pots a rock pile comes alive.
20150216_141020 web Micro-Ways, to evoke textures,  to create sub- climates, and to see how these evolve.