Glorious Pool


Glorious Pool artforms. 1.2017

Glorious Pool is the largest dam on Land Art Farm. It presents both and inspiration and a challenge for land art, not the least due to the extremes of its watery state and appearance.

Usually quite full, blue-brown and populated by fish and turtles, frogs and snakes, in very dry years Glorious Pool can shrink to a pothole. At other times, it is a carpet of Duck Weed red.

The lush weed comes and goes with the shift of ecological balance.

Efforts have been made enhance the presence of Glorious Pool with forms of land art – including a floating piece of plastic milk bottles.

A stark contrast but difficulties soon aroszse, so the string of bottles was removed.

waiting 1

Waiting – early days. 2.2016

At June 2017, the right art piece has not yet been found. Maybe this summer? Near Glorious Pool on the Road to Nimbin is a by the way piece, ‘Waiting‘.  This speaks for itself.