Grand Designs

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Grand Designs 9.2016

GRAND DESIGNS, as seen on television, glorious though at times improbable tangles of stone, wood, rusty metal and glass, glass glass, plus styled vegetation ranging from mass clipped plantings to fairy meadows.

This piece on the AROUND the BLOCK walk, aims to highlight the design beauty of glass pieces, dishes, bowls, so often sent to opp shops as a generation moves through stages of downsizing.


A close up of the design in our Grand Designs.





Like many land art pieces, the artistic action draws the eye to all elements, the delicate lichen on local rocks, the rugged beauty of rusted and twisted metal, and the changeable lustre of glassware reflecting the sky.

And, suddenly, the art makes the dull space that was before, shine.

Of course, like most land art pieces, nature presents its challenges. Here, the wet 2017 summer has seen Grand Designs rather disappear into the vines. A problem to be addressed during the maintenance months this year.


Starting off, collecting materials.