Hanging Rocksss



Before Hanging Rocksss, art walkers just wandered past this lovely grove of white gums with a bare glance, eyes tuned to Trellis in the Paddock coming up on the right.

This tree circle could not be ignored any longer and in January 2017 I started work on Hanging Rocksss.

Both land art pieces bring to life this gentle gully and the light of shade of the scattering of eucalypts.


In 20170405_145304 webHanging Rocksss the emphasis is Contrast, the living and dead, the softer and sharply hard, the natural and unreal placement of the rocks, that could only be from human artistic intervention. And of course, there is Repetition.

20170405_160349 webIt reaches an order of Scale too. The 17 strands and 100 or so wired rocks are enough to give the piece impact from a distance and viewed against the size of the trees and the vast blue or the sky.


It works, achieves my land art aims.

And it should last many years unless a wild wind dislodges one of the now heavy cross hanging poles.  Sandra Welsman 2.2017