Many Points of View



Moving north along the Road to Nimbin to a new piece — MANY POINTS of VIEW. This is an emphatic land art work inspired by meetings, those functions of business and public sector life most of us will have experienced over decades past.

Meetings can be made slow and confusing by a diversity of viewpoints and backgrounds, levels of knowledge and preparation (or, sadly, otherwise), and differences in weight of thought and articulation — all illustrated by the range of stick materials looking outward, seeing and pressing their particular perspectives.

However, meetings can, by building on the lines of thinking and strengths of all or most there – the proverbial team – weld and meld those many points of view to solve problems and build to something new and magnificent.

And this must occur more often than grumblers surmise, given the perpetuation of meetings in all spheres of human endeavour — getting things done.

Many 3 smMany Points of View is located in a specific bush setting on LandArtFarm that suggests both the hills to climb in meetings and and a green optimism about meeting interactions. It utilises Contrast, Repetition and aspires to Scale.

As seen in the series of pictures, the work has been built, layer by layer, on a five sided – pentagon – base to portray both the challenges and the potentially grander outcomes of meetings — where the skilled and gnarled help the young and shiny and, ideally, together push forward to achieve something greater, and indeed more useful from most points of view.

All this in one constructed piece of land art!Many 2 sm



Art and Time … I suspect this piece will last well fading slowly over years, the golden rods to white, some of the wooden sticks decaying, a little more rust.

.Many 1 sm