Land Art Made by Driving. Refer Richard Long’s totemic land art ‘A Line made by Walking’ 1967.

We start the Middle Walk in the front paddock, Lookout, obviously named for the wonderful view sweeping south to the regional city of Armidale, expansive by day, and a sparkling cityscape by night.

The Middle Walk is a 2.1km meander along mown trails, small inclines and dips but overall an easy wander amid long grass and many niche New England landscapes with views reaching out and beyond.

From wood Cut – Ready to Go, then Frisson, Art Rocks Blue Lines Xen,  and the first of the Way of Tangerine pieces, we head west (West & Wild, Dam Works 1).

Then north and north-west (Bush Telegraph, Wasted Land, Black & White Boutique, Star Trek, Unchain my Tree) and north-east walking part way along ‘Art Made by Driving Around‘ to Rolling Stones. (The giant electricity lines, themselves have the Scale, Contrast and Repetition features of land art).

Pain and Glory 12.2013

Pain and Glory 12.2013

Continuing east (Hanging Rocks, Trellis in the Paddock, Water Flows and Falls, Fence Tracker, Os and Xs) and returning south (Brick the Bucket, Dunne Dell, Dam Works, Ditch & Sticks) and west again (Hello Hello, Magpie Stand-off, Pain & Glory) to home base. All following the red rocks marking the trail on our left.

The Middle Walk curls around half the LandArtFarm area, through many and varied bushscapes and environmental niches, and enables viewing of the majority of Sandra Welsman’s land art works and installations.