NIMBIN. 8.2015

As spring arrives in 2015, we have three art walks on LandArtFarm. The main Middle Walk meanders gently for about 2 kilometres around 20 land art works.

The shorter walk, Around the Block, stays closer to the residential garden spaces.

Part way along the Middle Walk (near Os and Xs) is the turn into our longer and steeper trail, the Road to Nimbin.

Winding another 1.6 km, the Road to Nimbin connects Roadside Wire Frames, New Tip Progression, Fence Tracker north, then uphill to Nimbin, Fred was Here and Woody White Tumble, and returning to the Middle Walk passing Art Rocks Blue Lines 2.

At last, to LandArtFarm’s allusion of Nimbin – a renowned hippy town and area in the luxuriant northern hinterland of NSW with a free and carefree history reaching back to mid last century.

322.20150831_112502Our Nimbin is a happy conversion of old and weathered tree stumps to a peaceful depiction of a 1960s circle of rainbow people communing in the dappled light.

Around them, the grey shadows of those others still, it seems, in the mainstream grind of life. The rest of us.

Indeed, Nimbin is an observational, symbolic piece, and could be valued simply for its colours, shapes and ‘feel’.

On the attractions of an alternative lifestyle, we are ambivalent, relaxed, no need for particular comment.