New Tip Progression - Installation

313.20150828_132705 What to do with cattle yards not used, slow decaying away with effects of rain, wind and the years of shoving and leaning by large, heavy animals keen to get away?

I spent a number of years pondering possibilities, including the opportunity for some form of social commentary and use of growing piles of old office and  household stuff?

The resultant New Tip Progression is an installation artwork that juxtaposes recent-time outputs of the industrial technology era against ancient primary sector endeavour as signified by the axe-hewn timber cattle ramp posts.311.20150828_132627

Instead of cows or sheep pushing forward, our home and office technologies lean into the challenge, marching on wearing signs and scars of obsolescence.

Or maybe it is just found-object art, mainly about contrast of shapes, sizes, materials and spaces!314.20150831_111648