Ode to Museums - installation

In full, this installation is known as “A Numerical Ode to Musty Dusty Museums Everywhere”.

It is in ways, a homage to and an artistic  reflection on the folk museums found in most bush towns across Australia and their featured collections of paraphernalia carefully researched and organised by dedicated curators and volunteers.20160307_165314


There is an excellent such museum in Glen Innes NSW housed in the old hospital buildings. Look it up as the ‘Land of the Beardies History House Museum and Research Centre’.

Bill Bryson also admires some local museums in his travelling book Down Under.

But yes, they are musty and dusty, and with a level of sameness as comes with the gathering together of old things in old buildings, of collecting remnants back from around the 1980s (now past history) to the 1900s (maybe coinciding with advent of mass production).

Here, in Ode to Museums, the ‘Numerical’ provides a uniting story to these collections of bits and pieces from 30 or more years of  modern family life, arranged for interest into a series of artistically inclined sub-installations each with a comment to make. Step in, wander and wonder.

20160307_165555 20160307_165506 20160307_165527

Tangles Past. 10.2016

Also nearby, a poignant little piece with, Tangles Past.  A minimalist depiction of three stages of life. For most of us, the happy, curving simplicity of childhood years.

Then the complexity and challenges of our middle life decades, serious work, serious reward, family tangles and ties. Through to the assumed golden years, still twists and turns, but a basking glow of achievement and yes, even some fun again.