Orange Rope Race

orange 1Orange Rope Race aims to enhance a subtle glade of gum trees crossing a creek gully and tinkling with the calls of nesting birds.

Scale, Contrast and Repetition are achieved by stringing and streaming three lines of orange rope around 14 trees in a pattern reminiscent of livestock handling yards and their feed-in races.

orange 5The lower line of rope is 1.5 metres from the ground at all points, high enough hopefully to not be disturbed by passing kangaroos.

The railing effect is achieved by two higher lines are then 40cm each about the one below.

This was a challenged work to achieve. Two photographs in this set show the glade before the land art and then development work in progress.

Art and time … unfortunately, we have found from experience that this orange rope gives a great contrasting effect but deteriorates quite quickly under the scalding summer sun. orange 2

Hopefully it will last a year in this shady dell. We’ll see. orange 3