Os and Xs


Os and Xs. 12.2015

Long-weathered, long-lying-there tree branches lying as they feel in a curious geometric form, reminded us of a game playing board – for chess? for snakes & ladders? No, but Yes, for noughts and crosses.

Os and Xs is based on the long slim branches weathered grey. In recent times, arty players have placed their white crosses.

Noughts from rocks are scattered, some waiting ready to compete.

See the paint black pen lines around the O holes, white on the inside.

Somehow, there is a feel of tension and activity in this whimsical Land Art piece, though not a white rabbit to be seen.

20150614_125828Art and time …

In 2015, I said “the Os will be rocks of ages. The Xs should endure some hot-cold, dry-windy seasons before renovation is needed”.

In June 2017, yes, the rocks are the same shape but the white paint (the inside of the Os is flaking) and the Xs definitely need a redo!




Glimpse the Fairy Circle. 3.2017

Nearby, a seasoned bush walker spotted what he calls a ‘fairy circle’, a round landscape shadow he believes is generated by effects of toadstools and other fungi in the area.


So what better than to make a simple art work, Fairy Circle, to accentuate the round small and subtle, made by modern fairies from glass jars and glitter.

Quite new, it will be interesting to see how the jars settle into the Fairy Circle and become at one with the complex moss-based ecology of the ring.

The land art additions invite a close viewing of the circle flora and fauna, and it is 20170614_153102webfascinating.