Pain and Glory

Pain and Glory 12.2013

Pain and Glory 12.2013

Pain and Glory has a story that runs for a time with this family. My sons and I found this special place in 1997 and settled in early 1998. One fascination was and is the giant eucalyptus trees growing  magnificently in old rocky soils.

Someone long ago bound this enormous tree with many strings of barbed wire, perhaps to slow its growth, perhaps worse. We would pass it daily in our busyness rather too mesmerised by the situation to even ponder what to do.

Over the years, the tree in its strength kept growing and – helped by weathering – broke one then most, of the cutting barbed wire strands. But not without damage. One wire remains tightly embedded in the massive tree trunk and a few in the open wound.

From first sight, this tree and its circumstance was a work of dark art. As the weather warmed in late 2013, and now with more time, I spent many hours formalising this as an evocative land art piece. The red sequins mark past pain, the art work itself, the glory of this resilient and imperial tree.

There are elements of small wonder as well. As I worked along, standing just inches from the stringy-bark, the living populations harboured by the tree revealed themselves minutely. Ants, spiders and cobwebs, a diversity of insects busy in the bark folds, and at times the drama of battle and death.  Growth, injury and the cycle of life!  Sandra Welsman

Art and Time … update 8.2014.  Over only eight months, the afternoon sun faded most of the metallic red to silver, the sun is a constant challenge to art outdoors. Renovation using a mix of red synthetic and glass beads has been completed, hoping for endurance. The 8.2014 effect is shown in picture 8. The piece is subtly different and layered, with the glints of silver adding emphasis from afar. (click any picture for enlarged gallery)

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