Pine Walk - Sparkle and Barbs

Pine Walk - Sparkle and Barbs 11.2013

Pine Walk – Sparkle and Barbs 11.2013

Towering pine trees, the soft spread of bronze pine needles and ancient rocks in natural zen placings outflank the man-made facets of Pine Walk with Sparkle and Barbs.

Yet with the added human contrasts of wire fence, barbed strands and the crafted glassy-plastic, shiny manufactured baubles the space becomes a land art piece.

Pine Walk with Sparkle and Barbs lies between two walking spaces on LandArtFarm, Fruit Trees Wild Garden and the Twee Rock Garden.

As well as land art elements of Scale, Contrast and Repetition, there is a hidden serenity within the Pine Walk that invited artistic attention and encourages repeat wandering along the 50 metre pathway.

Some visitors have said this is their favourite piece.

Sandra Welsman..

.Pine walk 1 ball sm

Art and  Time … update 7.2014.


Pine Walk – Sparkle and Barbs 9.2014

Although shaded most of the day, the sinking afternoon sun reaches strongly through the giant trees, bleaching and fading the decorations – the ever changing character of land art subject to greater power of the regional climate.

The balls will be replaced each spring, in August or September – perhaps lime green next time?

… update 1.2015.

As it came to be, in September 2014 a new dimension was added with lime green replacement balls. So far, the shiny green is standing up well to the sunbeams. .

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