Pink to the Horizon


Pink to the Horizon. 10.2014

Pink to the Horizon is special as the first LandArtFarm painted tree-art piece.

Tree wrapping and painting is a thematic feature of Land Art around the world. Some artists also utilise the close land horizon as a feature in their tree art adding another dimension of shapes and contrasts.

Many wonderful trees are to be found on LandArtFarm, mostly eucalypts including some quite ancient and massive given the thinness of these hill-top soils.

Trees die from time to time, we lost a few in the drought of last summer. They can stand for many decades although most eventually fall. Some parts are cut for timber.

20141016_134737The standing trunks and branches whiten in the summer sun blaze and the winter cold providing a canvas for special Land Art that accentuates the stark and beautiful skeleton tree lines.

This first piece – Pink to the Horizon – uses a modern contrasting paint technique to highlight the forms. My interest is in the Scale, Contrast and Repetition elements of Land Art, the shapes, angles, colour patterns and the whitened wood beauty. Other viewers will likely read their own signs and symbols into the tableau.

Art and Time these past trees have been standing solidly for decades, balanced in the rocky slope. The now glowing pink will likely fade in time.

Pink to the Horizon. 10.2014Variations.

Zander Olsen is wrapping UK woodland in white fabric.

This is colossal – logs cut, painted, stacked.

Bleeding trees - Land-Art-Installation by von Alfred Bradler

Les Arbres Bleus – Konstantin Dimopoulos.