Piping in Place

piping 1The Road to Nimbin winds up through Roadside paddock and past Nimbin turns into Woody paddock meandering on through tranquil stands of Eucalyptus trees mainly Stringybarks.

When scoping out the walking trail a challenge arose in the form of two deep, old and unused rabbit burrows, just where walkers might stumble and trip.

Opportunity for a contrasting land art work, making a positive from the negative.

A scout around for unused white pipes and some design and placement effort, and here it is, Piping in Place.

piping 2

Contrast, repetition  and elements of scale. Quite effective and in just the right spot most walker-viewers seem to think.

Art and time … Now in place for three months, Piping in place has not been knocked about by passing animals and it is sheltered from winds and weather. This work should last well into the future.