Follow the Road to Nimbin.

The Road to Nimbin adds to the Middle Walk and Around the Block to make a 3.7 km meandering land art walk with close viewing of over 50 land art walks.

Starting near Os and Xs, the Road to Nimbin winds north past Glorious Pool and Waiting, and around the stockyards with Roadside Wire Frames and New Tip Progression.


Then up-slope alongside Fence Tracker and towards the LandArtFarm depiction of Nimbin past Settling for the Red White and Blue, and higher to Fred Was Here, passing Piping in Place, and across to Woody White Tumble.












Turning back south, the Road to Nimbin (and beyond) tracks round Orange Rope Race, Art Rocks Blue Lines 2, and Scalding Red Hot, then back to the Middle Walk at Yellow Stick Art and continues south and back to the Around the Block artworks, the full km LandArtFarm experience.

Further works planned along the Road to Nimbin include ‘Y.A Literati’.