Roadside Wire Frames

Roadside Wire Frames. Collection 2014 – 2017 ongoing.

Australian rural properties garner wire over the decades. Wire is the farmer’s thread, used and reused, many shapes and forms, left lying and hanging seemingly everywhere.

For this art work, Roadside Wire Frames, located near the gate into Roadside paddock, wire was collected from around and about and placed to emphasise both the wire forms and the shapes and rhythm of the spaces made by the wire pieces.

All this layered on to a wire fence and pole constructed as a cattle race into the old handling yards. And wire is a fascinating material to work with – twists and tensions, hooks and scratches.

As Roadside Wire Frames developed, the delicate lines, curves, tangles and tones bought to mind the many wonderful canvas paintings by Australian artist John Olsen evoking bush landscapes.

The Art Gallery of NSW has a glorious set of John Olsen works.

Time and art … This piece should last a long long time. The key elements have already been weathering in the sun and rain for decades, the fence posts, the wire tangles and coils, some are rusty but this adds character and depth. Indeed, it will grow.