Rolling Stones


Rolling Stones 9.2014

Rolling Stones started simply as an art work relying on contrast, then became layered with senses and meanings.

On land characterised by scattered volcanic and conglomerate rock pieces that seem to rise to the soil surface, those clearing decades ago collected rocks in cairns from place to place. (A cairn is a man-made pile or stack of stones).

This particular pile is balanced on the upper edge of a gentle slope of grass and shrubs.

Over the years, grazing animals – cattle, kangaroos, deer – have dislodged rocks of varying sizes setting them to roll downhill, spraying fan like from the rock pile.  These rolling stones present as an art-form in themselves.

The site-specific challenge was to work out a way to accentuate some of the rocks that had rolled, an artistic intervention to attract the eye to the Land Art elements.

Now tested by the sterilizing strength of the sun, I had to look past early ideas of wrapping some in a sheer fabric.

Rolls of pliable net wire offered possibilities so I set out to ‘wrap’ some of the rolling stones in wire coats fastened by ties. I tried a range of shapes and settled on the basic folded style you can see – 25 wrapped stones fanning downhill.20140917_151715

As I worked in the silk air, sun and quiet, the series of wrapped pieces gathered meaning.

In a sense, they seem like ladies’ handbags, the old-fashioned form – and they have kinetic energy, moving or leaving, marching from the home pile, resolute, determined, on their way. Sandra Welsman

Art and Time This work is understated, subtle and difficult to photograph. Visitors have mixed views. Some see the stones, some the handbags, some nothing at all. It is also changing as local fauna chew on, bump and turn the wrapped stones, at times rolling them further. If it rains, grass will grow through the pieces. It may not last.20141002_165243

Updates. Dec 2014. Some rain, green and yellow grasses and other plants, many more than before, seen in the two lower pictures.  June 2017. Rolling Stones still works as subtle land art, although it is high maintenance I cannot see LandArtFarm without this piece.


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