STAR TREK - to boldly go


Star Trek – to boldly go. 2.2017

Art walkers in 2015 and 2016 often paused after Unchain my Tree to gaze through the unusual and twisted wooded landscape leading down into Kangaroo Gully, quite deep and from a-high rather mysterious.

Sentinel Michael James 3.2016 web

Sentinel .. picture Michael James 2.2016

As a first art step, we shaped a guard to the way in, a Sentinel, hearkening to the Valley of the Elves in the magic writing of Lord of the Rings.


In January 2017, work started on clearing and defining, the Star Trek, a 400 metre winding wander into the gully, to the magnificent slowly decaying trunk of a fallen eucalypt and then climbing back a way to rejoin the trail.

Some walkers do boldly go … venturing along the trek, passing gremlins with star eyes, and into a different environment and a most unusual although Earthern world.


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