Trellis in the Paddock

Trellis in the Paddock 1. 12.2014

Trellis in the Paddock pieces exhibit the three key Land Art elements – Contrast, Scale and Repetition.

In the paddock Le Square, the larger first stage of Trellis in the Paddock was developed over November-December 2014.

This quite dramatic work also reinforces the potential for use of items found or not needed, rather than expensive materials, to achieve a statement and artistic impact in contrast to the land site.

Here, the white trellis pieces highlight a run of trees in a subtle gully that walkers often pass by not seeing the elegant stand of trees along the gentle gully.TrPaddock3

Green now after much wanted rain and flamed by the afternoon summer sun, this piece adds another dimension and focus point for LandArtFarm.

A second three-trellis segment was mounted in lower Long run in January 2015, near and reinforcing the white of Fence Tracker. Also part visible from the bush road.

Art and Time …

A short time yet but hopefully these pieces will show some resilience against the weather, sun, rain and wind. June 2017. This piece is standing well against the vicissitudes of four-season weather.


Trellis in the Paddock II. 1.2015


Sylvian Meyer lush forest tree pieces

Lucien den Arend Walburg-project 2009

Olga Ziemska tree land art.