Twee Rock Garden

Twee Rock Garden colour 2016 – photo Roy Lawson

TWEE ROCK GARDEN is a happy space for Australiana and cute exotica pieces gifted, collected and adopted over time.

Once almost a wasteland through lack of attention, Twee Rock Garden now celebrates the ingenuity of mass design and making and transport all over the world.

Some of the animals are lifelike, most are stylised and magnificent in their won way, adding a cheeky version of life and colour, comedy, whimsy, message and movement.

All are weathering in context and after its start in the drought summer of 2013, each year entwined in the spread of plants, framed by self-seeded saplings.

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Say, Modigliani


Then in the summer of 2016, a heavy branch of the large central eucalypt dropped suddenly. An intrigued art walker said she could see a Modigliani nude in the branching and spaces.

So, yes, SAY MODIGLIANI came into being, a stylised representation of the great Italian artist’s languid lounging female nudes, as an added and lovely dimension to Twee Rock Garden – through a high maintenance piece – quite fitting one could say.

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