Unchain my Tree

unchain 1This magnificent and unusual eucalyptus tree (there are over 7,000 types of eucalypts native to and across Australia) is located above Sunny Gully. Turn a corner on our 2km Middle walk, and this tree was calling out for a land art work.

Unchain my Tree is simple bringing together of the manufactured bright plastic chain, human endeavour in design and placement, and the dramatic and rugged beauty and style of this bush niche – Scale, Contrast and Repetition.

This land art piece also has a kinetic element, subtle, tiny shivers of the chains in the air currents of a still day, through to swinging and looping as the wind rises and clouds skud across the crystal sky.

.unchain 2 - Copy


Art and Time …

This land art piece should be resilient, in the shade and with the chains looped loosely so they dry rapidly.



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