Way off Tangerine

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Entrance Tangerine – we are here!

Developed during summer 2017, Way off Tangerine is an artwork designed to draw they eyes of walkers and viewers to more distant lines of LandArtFarm, to highlight rather wonderful bush areas and micro-environments that would usually be glanced over or ignored.

The first Way off Tangerine post marks the LandArtFarm entrance turning sharply left off the classic Australian bush gravel road.

A further 16 pieces spread across a kilometre of two, uphill, down dale, highlighting gullies, corners, boundaries and special features off in the distance.

20161216_130009 web

Stripes of tangerine take the gaze into Deep Dark Gully.


The inspiration for Way off Tangerine came when I was working on Frisson.

I could glimpse, across and through Deep Dark Gully, a white tree branch, weathered and smooth, glinting in the sun quite beautifully.

Needed a way to draw each walker’s eye to special views further out, then back to the closer land art, and flora and fauna on the walking trails.

So, tangerine paint, applied liberally to signal ancient tree posts and branches, as high as I could reach with a brush standing on the Rhino ATV tray. I also like the thought that, at times, I am  way-off-tangent, like this lot!

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