West and Wild

West and Wild joins many art forms made from animal bones across the globe and across time, variously decorative, purposeful and/or statement artistic endeavours.

west and wild start 2Here, beautiful and elegant sun-clean bones from mainly sheep or lambs, also kangaroos and cattle, have been painted to accentuate the ‘wild’ and laid out on rocks backing to the west.

The late afternoon sun – from the west – in turn highlights and then shares the forms.

Over the next months, grass and herbaceous plants will grow around the bones and they will bed themselves in the soil, plants and rock crevasses formalising the piece as Land Art, site specific, tied to this ground.


Art and Time …

Passing animals might disrupt the design, scatter some pieces. Heavy rain may rush some away. Time will tell.

Update March 2016. While animals have barely disturbed West & Wild the elements have weathered the paint and grass as well as large plants (such as Aaron’s Wand) have grown around the bones. A refresh and redesign was needed, this is shown in the visuals below.