Wood Cut - Ready to Go


Wood Cut – Ready to Go in 2017

For Land Art or site specific art, a confluence landscape and a contrast of shapes and colours added by human activity should be enough to make a work of art. A meaning or message is not needed although observers often read signs into pieces.

Even if not the aim, a visual picture or story can start to emerge as the art piece develops.

In Wood Cut – Ready to Go the pull of the sweeping view of the valley to Armidale creates a momentum for the chain-sawn wood rounds.

Here, the cut wood pieces are marshalled, organised, ceremonial painted batons in hand, ready to march forth on their quest, over the far horizon.

20141220_172902webThe contrast and colour of the mass-manufactured plastic batons make the art piece. The cut wood standing alone, is just, as a preparatory photo below shows, rather dull bits of wood scattered around.

Art and TimeThis piece has to be restored regularly. The hardwood rounds are deteriorating with weather and insect effects, bark peeling away and now mostly held in place by wire.

The batons, or their colours, attract the curious attention of kangaroos or deer. Too often, a morning sees batons lying all about, well chewed.

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