Woody White Tumble


Woody White Tumble 1.2015

Three paddocks adjoin at the northern end of the LandArtFarm property – Roadside, Woody and Far Hill.  Our Woody paddock is a hidden delight of eucalyptus trees, serene outlooks and a verdant, sloping hillside covered in long, waving grasses and native legumes and bushes.

Woody White Tumble is a land art work constructed for viewing from a distance, from the rise about 700 metres away as visitors walk from Black & White Boutique to Rolling Stones.

There is a history to Woody White Tumble although its artistic intent is one of shape and colour, of Contrast, Scale and Repetition (see Land Art – what, how, who).

20150201_132146The tumble is shaped from the original front gate posts and rails that reach back to the initial fencing of the land. These old timber logs, flaking greyed paint and soft pulp silvers, were replaced in 2013 by a new glossed timber gateway.

For some visitors, walking the length of LandArtFarm is not feasible. Visitors can appreciate the impact of Woody White Tumble from a number of distant vantage points.

Others may wander the full length of the land art trails – all the better to see the difficulty in developing and holding together land art pieces in a struggle with nature – rain, wind, vegetation.

Art and Time

I expect this work to last a few years. A second coat of Farm White paint is needed and that will help but the timber posts and rails rest on the earth in contact with moisture, plants and echelons of insects.20150201_132547

Ants in particular take residence in timber logs, in their thousands or millions, assisting as the see it, the process of deterioration and decay. Sandra Welsman