Yellow Stick Art

Golden Dell - until sunstrike or windstrike. 2.2014

Yellow Stick Art 1   2.2014

The Yellow Stick Art series contrasts delicate metal yellow-gold sticks with manufactured twisted lace patterns with the grey-green and muted browns of the stands of eucalyptus trees on Land Art Farm.

While the tree trunks dwarf the yellow sticks, there is Scale in the relative size of each tree and poles 2.5 metres tall.

And Repetition, both within and across a series of art works by making simple use of the delicate yellow sticks at fitting locations. All the structural elements of our land art are in place.

While some visitors may see meaning in the juxtaposition of mass-made materials, their shapes and shadows, with the darker dell 2 sm


As international Australian and art commentator Robert Hughes has observed in his American Visions masterpiece, contemporary art can indeed be just shapes … “no metaphors, just the thing in itself and it can be beautiful, and stark”.

Yellow Stick Art 1

This piece is located in a special cluster of gums midway along the property in Long Run paddock.

gold dell 3The work contrasts the modern metal building materials purchased from a mega hardware store, with the tall straight trees used in the past for building timber. Fence Tracker is visible running along behind.

The golden sticks are so light it is hard to know what sunstrike and windstrike will do to them over time, but weathering is an inherent feature of Land Art.

Art and Time … update 7.2014.

This piece has shown resilience and is little changed in six months. Eureka!

gold dell 5Variations

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