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LandArtFarm is a site-specific artistic adventure on 100 acres of Australian bush-farm landscape in the beautiful New England area of NSW, not far from the four-seasons regional city of Armidale.

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Fence Tracker – from ancient fence posts – 2013.

Land Art projects are being created primarily by Sandra Welsman as a long-promised artistic last career stage. Since mid 2013, a variety of special Land Art pieces, large and small, earthy to experimental, have been designed and constructed across the property’s diverse natural landscape and niche environments. The art works are now linked by walking trails including the 1.8km Middle Walk and the longer Road to Nimbin.

Land Art is neither sculpture nor nature. It is embedded in the environment of the site location, and it involves a human interactions with features of the place where it is – trees, rocks, mounds, sky… .

For more, see thoughts on And Land Art is?  What makes it Art? and Who can make Land Art (you just do it.)

Our environmental contexts include classic, rugged Australian New England bush, garden and farm-scapes, with majestic eucalyptus and pine trees, local wildlife, rocks and crannies, all backlit by dramatic weather and sweeping skies.

Now well into 2016, more than 40 LandArtFarm works are in place, with more on the drawing board – and each art work changes over time influenced by the environment. LandArtFarm works are earthy and aim to be minimal in cost with close ties to the form and bounty of this place. LandArtFarm is not a groomed sculpture park. This site-specific art is in and from this specific piece of glorious New England land.

When envisioning potential Land Art projects, I look for CONTRAST, SCALE and REPETITION – these are defining features of my Land Art. CONTRAST includes juxtaposition of human inventive technology – in its old and new forms – with the land, life and nature of this magnificent Australian region. SCALE and REPETITION build the visual spark that shifts the piece into ‘art’.

Many of my pieces are just visual impact – ‘no metaphors, just the thing in itself and it can be beautiful and stark’ Robert Hughes, American Visions. A few works relay a form of social message, a symbolic vibe or a whimsical mystery!  What each has is its own creation story – its origin, how the idea started, and how this progressed into a LandArtFarm piece.

As for all art, each individual visiting LandArtFarm develops their own views and takes away personal readings and experiences. Some pieces one person might not like, but others will. As has been sagely said, ‘In every work of art there should be space for the mind to travel between like and dislike’.

Intrigued? Please peruse the LandArtFarm page list for a story on the development of each piece.